Artist Statement

Pieces of fine art reflect their creator. In my case I often act impulsively. without thinking. Over the years I have taken high risks. Having said that, I also like order and control over my life.


The inception of my paintings is created by a series of coincidences - an uneven surface with uncontrolled, wild lines. These lines contour countless small and large segments. It is these series of chances that I try to trace in my artwork. I want to put them in order, to tame them to conform to my vision. A vision that develops slowly, layer by layer.


Both of these processes repeat themthelves throughout the creation of a painting: free gushes of colour versus straight lines, natural shapes dominate geometric forms or vice versa. It is a continuous interplay between chance and order: sometimes they complement each other and at other times they fight one another.


I play this game, superimposing layer upon layer, until I see harmony within a painting.

It is only then that I will often spontaneously think of a title.